DENVER (KDVR) — A young teenager in southwest Denver ran and hid in his own home after a naked stranger made his way into the house.

The father has been trying to get more information about the man from police in Denver but has not been able to learn anything more about him.

It happened in a home in southwest Denver in broad daylight. The teenager sent worrisome text messages to his dad saying someone was in the house. Turns out, there was a stranger naked and dripping wet inside. Survival instincts kicked in.

“He grabbed a knife out of the kitchen and hid in his closet ’cause he was scared,” the teen’s father, Todd Andenes, said.

The stranger took a shower and walked around the home. Andenes was near the front yard talking to a neighbor and had left the front door unlocked.

He ran inside and saw the man when he received the texts from his son.

“I just grabbed him and put him out of the house and he was yelling, ‘This is my house! You can’t do this to me.’ I noticed he was either high on drugs or had a mental health issue. I wasn’t really sure,” Andenes said.

Since this happened on July 31, Andenes said he has not been able to get Denver police to identify the man.

“I would like to get a restraining order and find out who this person is and what’s being done. Is he being held responsible? Has he been released? I didn’t know anything, I couldn’t get any information,” Andenes said.

“Officers responded to a call of a possible burglary. When officers arrived, they contacted an individual who appeared to be in crisis. He was transported to the hospital for evaluation and was not arrested. The victim declined to press charges which is why his name is not being released. This individual has not been arrested for any other crime here in Denver,” the Denver Police Department said in a statement.

Andenes said his son has been left traumatized by the intruder. All doors at his home now remain locked, even when stepping away for just a moment.

After we reached out to DPD, they suggested Andenes meet with the district commander to get answers. Andenes said he plans to do just that.