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WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. — Residents have been reporting hearing booms and sounds that sometimes wake them up in the middle of the night in Wheat Ridge.

But no one knows what’s causing these sounds.

Lawrence Brasier said they seem to be, “coming from a little bit east. It sounds like its coming from 38th and Pierce.”

“I have heard them twice and it sounds like a car wreck and then another will sound like a dumpster (crashing to the ground) and then a couple of other people they said it sounded like an explosion like a house being blown up,” Brasier said.

“At one time I thought I heard them on this road just right here on Upham just right outside,” Joanna Akhbari said. (I) came out and there was like nothing here. Nothing. I don’t know what they are. I want to know what they are.”

And so do a lot of other people, including Robert McLeod, who has reported the booms on the Wheat Ridge Police Department’s Facebook page.

“I’ve just heard three or four times in the last several months hear a big boom — bigger than fireworks,” McLeod said. “Don’t know what it would be and it would just wake you up.”

Police are asking people to report the booms to their nonemergency number at 303-237-2220.

“We absolutely want to know the cause and figure out what’s happening to see if there is any danger to the public, but at this point we just don’t have any evidence that points us to any kind of danger,” police spokeswoman Sara Spaulding said.

Some of the sounds are reportedly so loud, they’ve rattled dishes and startled neighbors.

“It could be a boom, it just echos throughout the whole community,” Josh Salazar said.

Those sounds then are gone without a trace.