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POUDRE CANYON, Colo. (KDVR) — Gary Garwood woke up this morning unaware of what happened in Poudre Canyon.

He now knows his vacation home of almost 40 years, his little piece of paradise, is gone.

“In a million years I cant think of — I never would have imagined this kind of a thing,” Garwood said.

“I just finished crying when you called. Still sobbing a little bit,” he said. “Black Hollow basically came right through my place and is gone.”

Garwood’s mobile home was one of five properties off of Black Hollow Road that were swallowed by the water. A vehicle was carried away and tossed into the river like a bathtub toy.

Garwood said the home was the site of countless memories.

“Christmases and Thanksgiving, and getting out of Denver in the rush. It was just an amazing place to go. A lot of happy memories there,” Garwood said. “My son caught his first fish off the bridge.”

Garwood is trying to cope with this new reality. He’s also cognizant that his pain pales in comparison to what some of his neighbors experienced.

Garwood learned Wednesday that some of his neighbors may have been killed, and two others are also missing after being swept away by the floodwaters.

“My heart can’t take it anymore,” Garwood said.

Pain and loss in a canyon so beautiful as crews begin to clean up the damage and unclog the river, and families who live here assess what they lost and what comes next.