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DENVER (KDVR) — State lawmakers have named a gun safety bill after a young woman who was shot and killed in the Ballpark neighborhood last June.

Isabella Thallas was killed on June 10, 2020, with a stolen weapon that was never reported. The “Isabella Joy Thallas Act” will require an owner to report a lost or stolen firearm within five days after discovering it is missing. 

Isabella’s mother, Ana Thallas, said she was overcome with emotion when she learned a gun safety bill would be named after her daughter.

“Monumental, bittersweet. A lot of my frustration lies in the fact that my daughter’s life is gone and that’s the only time that change happens,” Ana said.

Under the bill, gun owners who fail to report a missing weapon within five days could be fined $25. If it happens again, they could face a misdemeanor and a $500 fine. The House made some amendments to the bill, so it now heads back to the Senate for final approval. 

Ana said, “A lot of people have come to me and said, ‘This is not already a law?’ No, it’s not.”

Rep. Tom Sullivan said, “This bill will give law enforcement the information they need to prevent crime and track down perpetrators when crimes are committed.”

Ana said, “If my firearm was missing, I would notice, if I owned an AK-47 and it was missing, I would know. I would be frantic. I would be doing everything I can to make sure my name is not attached to that gun.”

She said this bill is not about taking guns away from people, but encouraging responsible gun ownership and increased accountability.

“This is not a right or left law; This is not a red or blue law. This is a common sense law,” Ana said.