DENVER (KDVR) — Multiple people in different neighborhoods throughout Denver connecting through the Nextdoor app found they were all targets of the same porch pirate.

“It’s bold, it’s brazen, there is no fear of consequences,” said Jill Barghelame, who had a package stolen on Dec. 28.

Barghelame said she filed a police report and then shared the video of the package thief on Nextdoor. She said right away people started commenting with videos of what appeared to be the same thief.  

“Someone else got a still picture of her skunk strip. It’s a bleach strip or something,” Barghelame said.

Another person shared a video of what he said was the same thief. John Schoenleber said two of his packages were also stolen on Dec. 28.

“Many of us have these cameras now. I posted on Nextdoor and instantly people commented ‘the same thing happened to me,’ and had video of the exact same person,” Schoenleber said.

The neighbors who are strangers both described the thief as having a large white hoodie with a flower on the front. They also described the design on the back of the sweatshirt as unique along with the thief’s hair which was multiple colors with a blonde streak down the middle.

“I saw four people who had packages that were posted stolen by this same person in a 24-hour period,” Schoenleber said.

The thief, both neighbors said, seemed unfazed by their doorbell cameras.

“I cant speculate what she is thinking. She doesn’t care that there is a camera. She doesn’t wear a mask. She wears the same clothes,” Barghelame said.

Another person on Nextdoor shared another video of who they believed is the same thief as well but they wanted to remain anonymous.

Denver Police told FOX31 and Channel 2 that video surveillance can definitely help. They recommend victims report the incident especially if they all believe this one individual is the same one that stole from them as well.

“She’s like, taunting us with her big bold sweatshirt,” Barghelame said.

DPD said you can call 720-913-2000 or go to their nearest station to report it.