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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) – Emergency crews responded to two hot air balloon crash landings at Chatfield State Park Sunday morning.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies were on scene near the swim beach at Chatfield Reservoir where one balloon landed. Jeffco Sheriff’s Office said three passengers were transported with non-life-threatening injuries to a hospital, and the other three passengers were not injured.

Travis Dodd witnessed the incidents and captured them on video. “Saw a couple of balloons rise over Chatfield Reservoir,” he said. That’s when he began filming.

He said the wind hit quickly while he was celebrating Father’s Day at the reservoir.

“I thought they were gonna make the elevation, and they didn’t make the elevation, and I realized, very quickly, it was a dire moment,” he said. “Pretty dramatic, right?”

Jeffco said it is believed a strong gust of wind caused the balloons to crash.

A second crash landing was reported at Waterton Canyon. No injuries were reported in that incident, but one person did have a head wound.

Chatfield State Park is fully open and operational for Father’s Day.

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