DENVER (KDVR) — A draft bill proposed by three democratic lawmakers was leaked online Friday by a Colorado gun owners group.

“I think I am on my 30th time reading through it now,” Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Taylor Rhodes said.  

The not yet introduced bill would ban what it defines as assault weapons across the state.

“If this bill was signed into law, 70% of firearms in Colorado would become illegal overnight,” Rhodes said.

The bill got a lot of people talking online, some said it would make Colorado safer while others like Rhodes said it will take away Second Amendment rights.

“I think it is more than likely it’s going to be rammed through and Governor Jared Polis will sign it and it’s up to us at Rocky Mountain Gun Owners to smooth this law into oblivion,” Rhodes said.

FOX31 and Channel 2 reached out to all three sponsors of the bill. Some declined to comment while others didn’t answer. The three sponsors are Rep. Andrew Boesenecker and Rep. Elisabeth Epps along with Senator Rhonda Fields.

“I got a call Saturday from an unlikely ally that’s said I got ahold of this do what you want,” Rhodes said.

Boesenecker did confirm to CPR that he and others are working on the bill that has not been introduced yet.

“We won’t back down from this fight, even if it is passed and signed by the governor it will not hold up in court and we will make sure of that,” Rhodes said.

A source with the Democratic party told FOX31 and Channel 2 the sponsors of the undrafted bill are likely to talk next week.