GEORGETOWN, Colo. (KDVR) — A little more than 1 inch of rain fell in Georgetown Wednesday night, which was just enough to let loose mud and rocks that rushed down a mountain and into the home of Edward Alexander — up to 10 feet deep in some parts.

Thirteen years ago, Alexander moved to Georgetown.

“Other than the highway noise, it’s beautiful. I mean look out your window to see the mountain views,” Alexander said.

Now, he may need to move again.

“Well, this was my home,” Alexander said, pointing toward what was left of where he lived.

A mound of mud and rock rests on the back of his home, the result of a mudslide that ran down the mountain, coming to a rest in what was his backyard.

It wiped out his shed, the mud piling “about 10 feet tall,” Alexander said.

The weight of the mud was enough to breach his home.

“There’s about a 10-foot section of wall that’s completely blown out,” Alexander said.

Soft, soggy mud flooded his home about 6 inches deep.

“Basically my whole life … is buried under mud and debris,” Alexander said.

He, his wife and their dog were able to get out of the home as the mud poured in.

“I was sitting right here on my couch watching the end of Avalanche parade. We had it recorded,” Alexander said.

Alexander and his wife are currently staying at his workplace. Tap here if you would like to help Alexander and his family.