DENVER (KDVR) — A family whose truck and trailer were stolen last week during an overnight hotel stay has been informed both were found.

The truck is disheveled inside. The enclosed trailer burned to the ground. The family was in the process of moving from St. George, Utah, to Wichita, Kansas.

On Monday, relative Mike Huish flew back to Denver to inspect the truck and try to retrieve any belongings from it.

“I want to get closure for my daughter,” he said. “And my son-in-law.”

Huish fears the truck is also a total loss. He was, however, able to uncover several family valuables from the shell of the trailer, including his daughter’s wedding ring.

“I’m just here, to try and salvage some of my daughter’s personal belongings,” Huish said.

He said the Wichita community has donated many items for his daughter’s house and given the young couple gift cards.

“People are great,” he said. “I can’t thank them enough. It’s like, they just took that little family in and made them feel at home. Turned their empty house into a home.”

Aurora Police have not made arrests in the case.