SILVERTHORNE, Colo. (KDVR) — Five mountain lions were caught on Ring video roaming through a yard outside a Silverthorne home at night on April 1.

The mountain lions nonchalantly stroll through like they own the place, which they technically sort of do, since it is their territory.

The Ring customer was thousands of miles away when these felines pawed around the property, so they posed no danger to her.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife provided a list of suggestions in order to stay safe in mountain lion country:

  • Do not attract or feed wildlife by leaving food or trash near your home
  • Make the mountain lions feel uncomfortable around your home by changing the lighting and turning on the radio
  • Keep pets close
  • Check the surrounding area before letting pets out between dusk and dawn
  • Make noises as you open your door to let the lion know they are not welcome

Anyone who experiences a mountain lion incident is asked to report it to CPW.