Motorcyclist warns drivers after being rear-ended by man who allegedly admitted to texting

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ARVADA, Colo. — A local man is warning drivers after he was rear-ended on his motorcycle by a driver who was allegedly texting.

It was typical drive for errands Nathan Maes has done hundreds of times. Slowing down at a red light on West 64th Avenue and Lamar Street in Arvada, he remembers something catching his eye.

“I was looking in my rear-view mirror and I saw this car coming a little bit too fast,” Maes said. “All I remember is me flying over my handlebars, going upside down.”

A camera at a nearby home captured video of the crash. The video shows Maes getting pinned between a white car and a truck for a moment before he pops back up.

Maes says he escaped without injuries, just a sore back and neck. He says the driver at fault stayed on scene.

“He comes out of the car and he’s automatically very apologetic. He said, ‘You know, I was just looking at my phone for two seconds, I was just sending a quick text,’” Maes said. “Being on a bike, it just put me in shock. You know, how do you not pay attention to, you know, people that don’t have any protection?”

Arvada police charged the driver of the white car with careless driving. Under Colorado law, an officer needs to be present and see the driver texting in order to charge them with texting and driving.

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