DENVER (KDVR) — Colorado State Patrol said a motorcyclist was arrested after he was caught traveling at nearly double the speed limit on part of the belt route through the Denver metro area Monday morning.

The man was driving a motorcycle on state Highway 470 when CSP said a trooper attempted to contact him, but he “fled at a high rate of speed.”

The trooper stopped the pursuit in order to avoid putting the public in danger, but the patrol’s aircraft unit had a lock on the motorcycle.

“He chose to endanger himself and others around him. What this rider did not know was that we could follow him using our aircraft assets until we could safely arrest him,” said Maj. Darce Weil, District 1 commander of CSP.

The man was riding at speeds in excess of 120 mph, according to CSP, in an area where the speed limit is posted as 65 mph.

Troopers on the ground were in contact with the air patrol unit as it followed the speeding motorcyclist for about six minutes. CSP released a video of the pursuit as seen from the air patrol, in which a motorcyclist is seen passing tens of vehicles at a significantly faster pace.

Troopers met the rider at his final destination. The video shows troopers pulling up to an auto mechanic shop where the motorcycle was parked. Body-worn cameras show the arrest of the 20-year-old, who said he knew troopers were there because he ran that morning.

“When a member of law enforcement activates their lights to pull you over, you are legally required to comply,” Weil said.

Now, he is charged with felony vehicular eluding, reckless driving and speeding 40 mph above the speed limit, among other charges, CSP said.

“The consequences of running from law enforcement are not light; you can be charged with felony vehicular eluding as well as potentially forfeit your vehicle,” Weil said.