JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Sunday morning, a fundraiser was held for the Denver police sergeant who was hit by a fire truck during the Nuggets Championship parade earlier this summer. 

The fundraiser was the 10th Annual MC-1 Foundation Honor Run Motorcycle Fundraiser Ride.   

Sgt. Justin Dodge was injured in downtown Denver during the Nuggets Championship Parade on June 15. He has since had one leg amputated below the knee.

MC-1 Foundation, which is a volunteer-based organization, has raised and donated $355,000 for first responders and their families. 

Dodge said that the last 13 weeks have been full of ups and downs with seven surgeries, countless appointments and some big setbacks. He said there is still a long road ahead, but he’s thankful for the support he’s gotten so far from the MC-1 Foundation.

The ride initially began to honor Sgt. David Baldwin.

“So my husband was MC-1. MC-1 was his callsign, ‘Motorcycle One.’ He was unfortunately killed on duty on Highway 93, hit by a wrong-way driver,” said Crystal Baldwin.  

Baldwin’s wife said the bond between motorcycle officers is extra unique.

“It’s very special. It’s a really tight bond, they have a lot of fun, and they work really hard. They’re even more exposed than other officers. They’re not in a car. They’re not protected. So they have to train in a different way. And they’re exposed to the elements as well. But yes, the motor units have a great time,” Baldwin said.  

For one gentleman in attendance, Brian Sumpstrom, this fundraiser hits home for a different reason.  

“I lost my leg during a motorcycle crash,” said Sumpstrom. “I just heard about Officer Dodge being a fellow amputee is something truly close to me, being an amputee [myself]. I know all the trials and tribulations, trying to get back on the walk again, dealing with the limitations that you have, it’s never the same as it was.”  

So on Sunday, Sumpstrom rode his Jeep as part of the caravan in support. 

“I would tell him don’t give up,” said Sumpstrom.  

Dodge was in attendance to see the outpouring of support. The two were able to meet and share a special moment.