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DENVER (KDVR) — A mother and daughter, who would like to remain anonymous, were carjacked Tuesday afternoon in Cherry Creek North.

The daughter told FOX31 she was dropping her mom off at her car on the third floor of the Clayton Lane Garage. That’s when several armed men surrounded her vehicle.

“I put my car in park right next to hers, but I didn’t pull into a space and within a couple of seconds of putting my car in park, there were four, I think four or five armed men that surrounded the car,” the daughter said.

The daughter said they cooperated, got out of the car and then both were hit in the head with guns multiple times.

“Two different men pulled us out of each side of the car. I got hit in the face with a gun, like the side of my face,” she said.

Suspects detained after carjacking

She called the police when the suspects took off in her car. Denver Police confirm they detained six people at 17th and Willow streets a short time later.

“It’ll probably be a while before I sleep well again, but knowing they are not out doing this to other people or out with my driver’s license or information is really comforting. I’m really happy the police were able to get them,” the daughter said.

In a statement from a Cherry Creek North spokesman, they confirm they’re working with police.

“This was an anomaly in this neighborhood. This is a very safe community, full of families, professionals, and consumers who enjoy all the amenities, shops, restaurants, and hotels we have to offer. The district will always ensure Cherry Creek remains the safe and vibrant place it’s known to be,” said Andy Boian, Cherry Creek North spokesman.

Suspects tried 2nd carjacking before

Denver Police provided additional information on the incident and identified four of the six suspects in custody Friday morning.

The probable cause warrant said the victim’s stolen car was a gray 2023 Audi Q5 and the suspects were traveling in a blue Volkswagen Tiguan. Both vehicles were located by police on the ground and by air at East 9th Avenue and Lincoln Street. Police continued to observe the vehicles and said the stolen Audi was abandoned during the observation.

Police continued to follow the Tiguan to West 17th Avenue and North Willow Street. The warrant said multiple people got out of the car and attempted to carjack another person. Officers immediately intervened and detained four people. A perimeter was set up and two others were detained, but police only identified four of the six. Two suspects are juveniles and their names and ages will not be released.

Josiah McCray, 19
Jurdon Bryant-Beasley, 19
Elrich Haliburton, 18
Nyariee Richardson, 20

Police said several handguns and ammunition were located in the area after the suspects were taken into custody.