DENVER (KDVR) — The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is here. From parties to shopping to dinners, it feels like there is hardly any time to stop and breathe.

Have you ever decided to skip a party or dinner because you’re feeling exhausted or burnt out from all the running around? What excuse did you use to get out of the event?

Affirm recently conducted a survey on holiday stressors and obligations. Based on the results, one in five Americans used excuses to get out of unwanted holiday plans.

These are the most-used excuses, according to Affirm:

  • Lying about availability
  • Faking an illness
  • Ghosting without any excuse
  • Intentionally missing a flight

According to Affirm, some would even spend money to get out of holiday obligations.

5 ways to cope with stress during the holidays

Here are some ways to manage stress this holiday season, according to the American Heart Association:

  1. Keep healthy habits: Decide that you’ll move more and do something active every day over the next three weeks. Start your day with a healthy breakfast, limit sweets, and get at least seven hours of sleep.
  2. Seasonal sweets: Try preparing healthy snacks to eat. If you’re hosting a holiday party, challenge yourself to make healthier options
  3. Stay active: Instead of beating yourself up about missing a workout, sprinkle some healthy activities into your daily routine. Take a short walk or bike ride if the weather allows. Opt for a light lunch and take a vigorous walk. Keep your family moving with active chores or trips to the park
  4. Be active but not too active: Give yourself the gift of peace. If you need some down time to recharge, declare a “me-treat” and do something that relaxes you. Try yoga, meditation or spending time in nature
  5. Make a plan for the new year: Lay out realistic, sustainable steps for the months ahead.

Mayo Clinic said it is also important to acknowledge your feelings during the holidays and get help if you need to.

If you are not feeling up for a holiday event, remember that it is okay to say no.