DENVER (KDVR) — A certain type of vehicle seems to be the latest target in a growing number of auto thefts out of Denver International Airport, and it’s not a Kia or Hyundai.

Ford F-Series trucks actually top the list of the most-stolen vehicles at the airport, according to data from the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority. And it’s not just one kind — three models take the top three spots.

Ford F-150 trucks are now ranked the number one vehicle for thefts within a 7-mile radius of DIA between January-July of this year. That’s followed by Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks,

The data shows there have been 117 F-150 thefts, 70 F-250 thefts and 38 F-350 thefts.

In the past two years, the Ford F-Series has not even ranked in the top 3 for vehicles stolen out of Denver’s airport.

Cale Gould, with the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority, said it’s unknown why the Ford F-Series might be targeted.

“We never really know why thieves end up targeting the vehicles they do, but through the course of time, vehicles become more vulnerable to theft,” Gould said. “Thieves learn to overcome certain vehicle types and security, and they spread that knowledge and they focus on those specific vehicles.”

Denver airport auto theft on the rise

Between January-July, there have been 801 auto thefts within a 7-mile radius of DIA. The number is up from 715 auto thefts last year and 466 auto thefts in 2021, according to CATPA data.

A Denver airport spokesperson told FOX31 they’ve teamed up with the Denver Police Department to increase patrols around public parking areas, but Gould said there’s always a risk.

“It’s always park at your own risk, and the airport will make you aware of that. They definitely do what they can to help you to secure your vehicles, and resources are stretched thin these days now more than ever, and that certainly plays a part in it,” Gould said.

Owners can take extra steps to protect their vehicles, like purchasing steering wheel locks, parking boots, gear and aftermarket kill switches.

“Stopping theft helps all of Colorado,” Gould said. “We’re talking removing potential down-the-line next crimes from smash-and-grab robberies to traffic offenses driving on the highway, to all things imaginable, like drug trafficking. Stopping auto theft is a huge nexus to stopping all crimes.”

Out of the 801 auto thefts recorded between January and July, data shows 583 have been recovered.

How to keep your car from getting stolen

There are several tools and programs offered to keep vehicles safe. 

Gould said more information can be found at, which includes additional information on CATPA’s steering wheel lock program. 

Denver Police also offers the Denver Tracks program, which works with vehicles’ GPS systems to track stolen vehicles in real time. DPD also has officers that patrol the parking lots.

Suspicious activity in the area can be reported by calling 303-342-4211.

FOX31 did reach out to Ford for comment on why their trucks may be a target but is waiting on a response.