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DENVER — The most diverse Colorado General Assembly in history has officially been sworn into office, with Democrats taking control of both chambers at the State Capitol.

A record number of women, Latino, African-American and LGBTQ lawmakers took office Friday.

“Our chamber represents all of Colorado, finally,” Rep. Daneya Esgar (D-Pueblo) said.

In total, 33 women — a record-breaking majority in the House — were sworn in Thursday. Twenty-five are Democrats; eight are Republicans.

“We have the most women. We also have the most people of color and ethnicity, and we have an amazing year that’s coming about,” Rep. Janet Buckner (D-Aurora) said.

“Hopefully, we can get something done together in an unprecedented fashion, having a record number of women,” Rep. Lori Sain (R-Firestone) said.

The State Senate is once again controlled by Democrats, and the new Democratic majority is also majority women. Newly sworn-in Democratic Senator Julie Gonzales (D-Denver) is celebrating that with the historic number of Latinos (14) as well.

“[We’re] achieving historic firsts with the numbers of women but also the number of Latinos,” Gonzales said.

Perhaps no person better represents the new diversity than Rep. Brianna Titone (D-Arvada). She is the first transgender representative in the General Assembly and part of a record number of LGBTQ people in the Legislature.

“I feel representation is important for everybody,” Titone said.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise the House will be led by a woman: Rep. KC Becker, who was officially elected the new Speaker Friday. Becker is the third consecutive woman to hold the post.

“You guys are awesome,” KC Becker said as she spoke from the podium for the first time.