DENVER (KDVR) — Millions of Americans will hit the road for Memorial Day weekend with Colorado being a top destination.

Denver resident Cole Miller and his dog Glacier are geared up and ready to go.

“I’m super excited, we’ve got some big plans to go camping,” Miller said.

AAA Colorado lists Denver as a top 10 booking destination in 2023 and reported 80% of Colorado residents who plan to travel for the holiday will drive to their destination.

“If you’re thinking about travel, so is everybody else. With lower gas prices more people are driving,” AAA Colorado Regional Director of Public Affairs Skyler McKinley said.

One reason for increased road travel in 2023 is higher airfares.

“Airfare, for example, is at 40% over this time last year. We’re seeing a splashback effect of Coloradans to stay home,” McKinley said.

Travelers will spend most of their travel budget on lodging and gas, stimulating the economy and boosting sales at high-country tourist shops.

McKinley urges drivers to be prepared for possible delays on Interstate 70, Interstate 25 and Highway 285.

“Not huge delays unless there’s a breakdown but there’s going to be traffic just about everywhere you go. Think the thing to keep in mind when you’re stuck in a traffic jam and you’re frustrated (is) you can’t be mad at traffic when you are traffic,” McKinley said.

Rocky Mountain National Park will begin timed entry reservations on Friday. Before then, some vehicle restrictions may apply at Bear Lake Road due to congestion and overcrowding.

Travelers should also check their destination’s website for any special closures or parking information.