DENVER (KDVR) — The Denver Police Department said 16 guns were recently stolen out of a pickup truck parked in front of a hotel.

According to DPD, the firearms were wrapped with graphics advertising “We Buy Guns” and have not been recovered. The thief only had to break a window to get into the truck and grab the guns. An investigation is still underway to locate a suspect and the stolen weapons.

Police remind gun owners to safely lock them up

DPD said 261 firearms have been reported stolen from cars during Jan. 1 through May 11, which is 16 more than the 245 reported in the same time frame last year.

The department is reminding gun owners to safely lock and store their weapons properly or not leave them in the car at all to avoid these kinds of thefts. A total of 768 firearms were stolen out of cars in 2022.

“Stolen firearms provide criminals with a means to commit future violent crimes in our community,” DPD said in a release. “When not in use, or you are not able to carry that firearm with you, it is best to store it inside of a safe that’s secured inside the vehicle and that can be locked with a passcode or a key.”

Other guns reported stolen were out of a glove box and another from a possibly unlocked car parked for days.