DENVER (KDVR) — The influx of migrants continues in the Mile High City as more than 200 additional people arrived overnight, the city said on Thursday.

The city said 216 new migrants showed up, bringing the total to 1,539 who have come to Denver since Dec. 9. The city had spent more than $800,000 to shelter the migrants as of last week and that amount was expected to increase as more migrants have ended up in the city.

Mayor Michael Hancock issued an emergency declaration for the city and county on Dec. 15 and an emergency shelter was opened the week prior as the first wave of migrants maxed out the capacity of the Denver Rescue Mission.

The city said 481 migrants are at city emergency shelters, 527 are at partner emergency shelters and 354 are at warming centers.

The majority of the migrants are from Venezuela but are not part of a politically motivated move, the city’s emergency operations management department said.

Migrants in the extreme cold

The Denver Coliseum was opened as a warming shelter on Wednesday afternoon to house those in need during the frigid cold and originally was set up to accommodate 225 people but ended up with 354. The city did not specify if all were migrants that had come to Denver.

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Two additional 24-hour warming centers have been opened Thursday as temperatures remain around zero and below freezing through Saturday. The Downtown Denver YMCA at 25 E. 16th Ave., opened at 7 a.m. and the Wellington Webb Building at 201 W. Colfax Ave., opened at 3 p.m., both able to accommodate 100 guests each.