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BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — The latest numbers are in on structures destroyed and damaged in the Marshall Fire that burned more than 6,000 acres last week.

The first assessment reported 991 structures destroyed and 127 damaged. This updated report totals 1,084 homes and seven commercial structures destroyed and 149 homes and 30 commercial structures damaged. The total estimated value of residential damage determined by the Boulder County Assessor is $513,212,589.

Residential Structures 

  • City of Louisville: 550 structures destroyed, 43 structures damaged; actual value* of residential damage is approximately $229,199,184 
  • Town of Superior: 378 structures destroyed, 58 structures damaged; actual value of residential damage is approximately $152,757,462 
  • Unincorporated Boulder County: 156 structures destroyed, 48 damaged; actual value of residential damage is approximately $131,255,944 

Commercial Structures  

  • City of Louisville:  4 structures destroyed, 14 structures damaged 
  • Town of Superior:  3 structures destroyed, 14 structures damaged 
  • Unincorporated Boulder County:  2 structures damaged 

Damage from the fire and wind damage will continue to be reported. To self-report a damaged or destroyed structure that is not included, please visit