DENVER (KDVR) — Spring days mean more motorcyclists are hitting the roads around Colorado.

“The thing that motorists need to know is that weekends tend to have very heavy motorcycle traffic,” Skylar McKinley, from AAA Colorado, said.

There were multiple crashes involving motorcycles in the metro, including a deadly one over the weekend.

“Look for motorcycles at all times,” McKinley said. “It does require looking a little bit more because they’re smaller than cars.”

Drivers should keep an eye on the road and their speedometers.

“Drive at or below the speed limit because it’s about awareness time, it’s about seeing motorcyclists,” McKinley said.

Minding motorcycles on the road isn’t just about being aware that they’re around.

“Make sure you also give motorcyclists enough room to maneuver, follow at least four seconds behind them maybe more,” McKinley said.

Road conditions can be harsh on cars and trucks and even worse for motorcycles.

“Give them even extra room if you know you’re on a road with potholes, with pavement transitions, with railroad crossings,” McKinley said.

It’s also important to know what rights motorcycles have on the road.

“They have the exact same right to the whole lane as you do, treat every motorcycle as if it’s a car and if it’s taking up that whole space,” McKinley said.

For motorcyclists, AAA said to stay vigilant and always conscious of their place on the road.

“You have to ride as if cars can’t see you, always assume a driver is not looking for you, is not paying attention to you,” McKinley said.

AAA said over 35% of motorcycle crashes are the result of speeding – all the more reason to mind your pace whether you’re on a bike or in a car.