Montclair residents worried about homes after sinkhole opens in middle of street

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DENVER (KDVR) — With Denver’s aging infrastructure, it’s not uncommon to hear of water main breaks or even sinkholes. But a sinkhole in the Montclair neighborhood is raising a lot of concern with residents who are now worried about their homes.

 A car got stuck in the sinkhole at 5:30 Saturday morning. Jason Wissner videotaped the aftermath.

“This is unnecessary, unacceptable. It 100% could’ve been avoided if you would’ve done your job right in the first place,” he said, adding, “This is what years of you guys neglecting my street and not listening to me has done.”

The street near East 10th Avenue and Krameria Street is patched up now, but neighbors say they can actually see the street moving by the hour, and they want help getting it fixed before it does even more damage.

“They patched up the pipe that broke. It broke again at 8 (o’clock) Saturday night. They dug it up, they fixed that leak and put it back together.  I said, ‘Guys, we’re just going to keep coming out here.’ They said, ‘If there’s another leak 12 inches away and we don’t see it, we’re not going to fix it,'” Wissner said.

Since the repairs were made, Wissner and his neighbors say they can actually see the street moving.

“There’s a leak under there. And even the water department guys who are looking at it are like, ‘I can’t believe it’s this bad,'” he said.

And it’s not just the street that’s concerning these homeowners. They are worried about their properties as well.

Wissner said, “I realized this erosion problem’s been severe for at least the last 12 months. That’s when it started happening on a regular basis.”

He wants Denver Water to send out engineers to inspect what is happening.

Denver Water tells the FOX31 Problem Solvers they replace 106,000 feet of pipe each year, and this particular pipe is scheduled to be replaced in the next few months.

In a statement, Denver Water said:

“As you can imagine, there is a lot of prework associated with replacing a pipe underneath a street, and a lot of the effort has already been underway for this location (like locating of other utilities in the area/permitting/coordination/etc.). Crews will be there soon to replace the pipe soon and any damage to the street caused by our work will be repaired.”

Wissner wants Denver Water to do more, and soon.

He said, “They need to get engineers out and they need to start inspecting underneath each of these properties around this persistent leak and making sure that our homes are safe and remedying any issues that are caused.”

Denver Water says that it “is only responsible for the waterlines that run underneath the street. Each property has a service line, which is the responsibility of the property owner, that runs underground from the house and connects to our water line in the street.”

Wissner got a call back from Denver Water saying they are setting up a monitor Wednesday night to determine if there is a leak.

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