ARVADA, Colo. (KDVR) — A single mother of three was thrown a curveball just before the holidays. The van she was using to transport her son who has muscular dystrophy is beyond repair. Family members set up a GoFundMe page to help her pay for one that works. 

Michelle Randolph lives in Arvada with her three children. One of her kids, J.R. Abling is 24 years old and was born with muscular dystrophy and has depended on the family van to get around. 

“Well, the van that my son has no longer works, his friend tried to fix it and it’s just not worth fixing,” Randolph said.

Abling uses that van for dental appointments and doctor visits and to just get out and have fun, his mother said.

“It would be nice to be able to drive my own self somewhere if I needed to or just to help somebody out if they needed a ride because everybody has always done everything for me since I have been in the chair,” Abling said.

Abling was born with muscular dystrophy and needs a special, modified ride. 

“He’s a great kid, has a heart of gold, would help anybody at all that needs it,” Randolph said.

Now, Abling needs a little help and that is why family members set up a GoFundMe account to raise much-needed funds.

“Just something, anything, any van, handicap, that runs is what we are looking to get, they are just so expensive. Brand new ones start at $28,000 to $30,000,” Randolph said.

Randolph is uncomfortable being interviewed and asking strangers for money, but as a mother, she is more uncomfortable knowing that right now, her son has no means of transportation.