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WELD COUNTY, Colo. — A mother and her baby boy were killed when a semi truck collided with a sedan on Weld County Road 74 around 10 a.m. Monday, according to the victims’ family. The collision site is roughly 10 miles northeast of Greeley— outside the small community of Galeton.

The mom, 20-year-old Adrianna Lyzette Lopez Varela, and her son, Ezekiel Abel Gonzales Lopez, were on a visit to the aquarium when their sedan collided with the semi truck.

The woman’s family lives in Galeton.

The driver of the truck is a 64-year-old man, according to Colorado State Patrol.

A neighbor told FOX31 he saw the trucker in tears following collision. That same neighbor— who did not want to talk on camera— said he heard the crash, saw the immediate aftermath and ran to the crash site to help. Shortly after that, he said he saw the lifeless bodies of a young woman and baby. A grieving family member said the baby was just over a year old.

The Weld County Coroner said he plans to release the identities of those killed on Tuesday.

The neighbor said the truck driver told him the sedan crossed the center of the road— making the collision unavoidable. The incident remains under investigation. Troopers have not yet said what they believe caused the deadly crash.

A fundraiser has been started for the family on Facebook.