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MOFFAT COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) – A vote Monday night in Moffat County added to a trend that’s been recently impacting both Colorado’s young students and their parents.

According to the Craig Press, the Moffat County Board of Education held a private meeting in executive session and voted unanimously after to place Superintendent Scott Pankow on paid administrative leave. No further information was released about the reason for the move.

“Given our respect for Mr. Pankow and appreciation for his efforts to this point, the district board will not comment further at the present time in detail on the nature of our decision,” Board President Jo Ann Baxter said in a statement confirming the decision.

“Monday night’s difficult decision will be a catalyst for positive change for our faculty, staff, and especially students, whatever it ultimately leads to,” Baxter said.

Additionally, she stressed that the decision was “entirely unrelated to any partial political energy” seen in other school boards across the state.

“When hard decisions must be made or difficult conversations must be had, we always undertake them with that directive and those children and their educators in mind,” Baxter said. “Monday’s action was no different.”

As of this posting, Pankow is still on paid administrative leave, but Moffat County’s school board plans to meet again during the week of May 9 to decide what steps to take next.

Once that meeting is concluded, school board officials will make an announcement to either fill the position with a new candidate or fully reinstate Pankow.

This news arrives months after the Douglas County Board of Education fired Superintendent Corey Wise from his position in a highly publicized and partisan 4-3 vote.

The ordeal was highlighted in contentious board meetings, a “sickout” protest conducted by more than a thousand teachers who opposed his removal and legal action from the ousted superintendent. Wise was subsequently hired by the Jefferson County school board after he was fired from his Douglas County position. He’s now taken a position with the Cherry Creek School District.