DENVER (KDVR) — At the Modera Art Park apartments in Denver’s River North Art District, boarded-up windows and shards of glass still line the street, the result of a Sunday night rampage, according to tenants.

Video and photos show a man throwing rocks through windows and slashing tires in the apartment garage. But tenants say this wasn’t just any random person — instead, a tenant who’s still being allowed to live at the complex.

“It’s just become a nightmare,” Lacey Enlow said. “How he is still allowed to come here is baffling.”

Records show the man has been arrested multiple times since mid-July on counts including burglary, assault and felony menacing. Denver Police are declining to comment because of pending cases.

A window with broken glass
A broken window at the Modera Art Park apartments in Denver on Aug. 9, 2023. (KDVR)

A media contact for the apartment complex said the man has been issued a “three-day notice to quit,” meaning he has three days to vacate the property.

“We’re all just really worried, and people don’t even want to stay here anymore,” Mariano Rodriguez said. “And now we’re paying rent to be in a dangerous situation.”

Rodriguez said he and his neighbors are concerned it’s only a matter of time before the man hurts someone.

“The legality behind it, the judge who let him out, I just feel it’s very unfair to us,” he said. “He shouldn’t be out here, because if it’s somebody’s life, that judge is going to have blood on their hands, and that’s it, period.”