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SUPERIOR Colo. (KDVR) — For many who suffered losses in the wake of the Marshall Fire, every day is a challenge. 

They tell us the heartaches are too many to mention. But on Monday, we found one man determined to find one piece of happiness in the rubble.

In the middle of all the devastation left behind in the Marshall Fire are stories of hope and resilience. Sean Tanner’s mission is one of them. 

We found him standing and sifting next to what used to be his home in Superior. It was one of more than a thousand destroyed by the fire.

“It’s a sad adventure. You have to go into optimistic but every scoop you go through. It’s just unrecognizable stuff in your life,” Tanner said.

Among the twisted metal and layers of ash, he’s determined to find his wife’s wedding rings. 

“To be able to find those rings and reconnect with those experiences in life of 15 plus years of marriage. It would be pretty awesome,” Tanner said as he continued sifting.

His sifters are made of just about anything that will strain his memories reduced to rubble. There are magnet rakes too along with a breathing mask he’s borrowed – all for his wife. 

He’s focusing on an area where he found metal pieces of a nightstand that he believes held the rings that dreadful day. 

“We found a charging cable and the tracks for the drawers and things like that just outside of the house here on the corner,” Tanner said.

He’s not found those rings, as of yet and we have asked him to please let us know if and when he finds those precious rings.