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BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) – It’s been one week since fire ripped through Boulder County and residents are still desperately searching for their pets.

However, frigid temperatures and inches of snow are not stopping local organizations and volunteers. They still have boots on the ground, looking for missing animals in the remnants of the Marshall Fire.

Seven long days have passed since flames roared and gutted homes that are now covered in snow. Cats, dogs and other animals remain missing and pet owners are taking to social media as an avenue to try and find their furry friends.

Groups work to find lost pets

Numerous public Facebook pages have been created, including Boulder County Fire Lost & Found Pets, where residents are posting pictures and descriptions of their animals hoping it will lead to a happy ending.

Organizations like Soul Dog Rescue are stepping up to help those in need. Volunteer Betsy Wagner says their priority right now is finding lost cats, already successfully locating one.

“A lot of people just hoped their animals could escape,” Wagner said. “We’ve been on the ground since it was safe. Animals are really resilient, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. I know all the owners out there are, but the reality is the cold temperatures are not helping.”

Frigid temperatures aren’t, but the snow is somewhat helping in the search. Wagner says the white powder allows volunteers to track and visibly see animal prints. She adds they’ve seen deer, coyote, rabbit and cat prints.

How groups are searching for pets

On Thursday, Wagner showed FOX31 how they’ve been searching for lost cats in the Spanish Hills Neighborhood.

The organization has been driving to the burn zone to set up game cameras and safe animal traps. The traps are covered in blankets to keep the cats warm and small amounts of food line the cage to lure them inside. Wagner says they check the traps frequently in these conditions.

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley is the official center for animals missing in the Marshall Fire. CEO Jan McHugh-Smith is advising those who are still looking for their animals to file a “lost pet report” to hopefully be reunited.

“We have been taking in animals that have been lost or are in need of a place to stay if their family was evacuated,” McHugh-Smith said. “Unfortunately, this fire was so quick people didn’t have a chance to get their animals out and it’s devastating to those families and our hearts go out to them.”

The CEO shared good news with FOX31 that the society has taken in 50 animals since last week and as of Thursday night, 40 of them have been reunited with their owner. File a lost pet report here.