WESTMINSTER, Colo. (KDVR) — Miller moth migration is underway in Colorado. Every year at about this time, the moths migrate from the plains to the mountains looking for food.

The moths are harmless, and experts say they are generally in the metro for about three weeks.

“They’re everywhere and they drive me insane,” said Lisa Douglass, a Colorado resident. 

While the moths can be annoying to some people, experts say they serve an important role.

Mary Ann Colley is the chief operating officer at the Butterfly Pavillion in Westminster, where a pollination exhibit is underway.

“They are pollinating our beautiful flowers,” Colley said. “They are seeking out food and while they are doing so, they are feeding a lot of other animals. So they are feeding a lot of our birds that you might be noticing at intersections, and once they get up into the mountains, they are feeding our bears.”

Colley said there’s no data on the number of moths in the area this year compared to others, but some Coloradans have already had enough and don’t want them in the house.

Colley said the moths are attracted to light, so she suggests turning off your exterior lights for the next few weeks and closing curtains at night.