DENVER (KDVR) — For some migrants staying at shelters in Denver, there’s nowhere to stay once they time out.

Others, like Marieldys Leon-Mora, are not looking forward to staying in encampments that have cropped up lately.

“The cold has been awful,” Leon-Mora said, “especially because we are not used to it in Venezuela.”

That’s where she came from, along with her daughters, ages 5 and 1, and her husband, Jhon.

“I want to get my daughters out of the cold weather. Our family’s situation is difficult,” Leon-Mora said.

Police sweep a migrant encampment near downtown Denver as many time out of shelters and begin to search for work. (KDVR)

After journey to US, migrants seek work

Like many families, this was a trip to find a better life. Now they’re looking to start that life, and it has been a tough start so far.

“Besides a place to live, I want to find work for me and my husband so the family can start earning a living,” Leon-Mora said.

He husband does find some work here and there. He said he’s looking for work in home renovation, construction, roofing or painting homes.

“The very little I can earn is for food for my family,” he said.

Work opportunities are scarce. For some, it’s a competition.

Another woman from the encampments took on a different tactic. She made a sign marketing herself and her services.

“I’m looking for work to make my situation more stable for me and my daughter,” she said. “I have a strong desire to start working.”

Employers wanted

These families took a gamble to get to Denver, which was a win for them. But for these folks, there are more challenges yet to meet.

It hasn’t been an easy mission for anyone trying to help these people get on their feet.

One group, Housekeys Action Network Denver, is hoping anyone with employment opportunities might contact them to pass the word along to these folks.