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DENVER (KDVR) — There’s brand new data out showing a spike in foot traffic and in-store visits to Denver-area restaurants and eateries.

According to data scientists at Zenreach, between January 1, 2021 and July, the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood areas have seen a 150.9% increase in foot traffic and in-store visits to local eateries.

Nationwide, restaurant foot traffic is only up 57% since the start of the New Year.

Data Provided By: Zenreach

When you hone in on Metropolitan areas, Denver is actually in the top four for increased foot traffic.

Since opening four months, the owner of ‘Coffee High Co.’ in lower downtown Denver says he’s seen foot traffic increase daily.

“Yeah it’s increasing, now that we don’t have masks on anymore it’s a lot more people coming out. It’s been a lot more tourism. A lot more people visiting and wanting to check out new coffee shops,” said Sharod Kindell, the coffee shop’s owner.

The new data even shows the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood areas ahead of New York and New Jersey when it comes to increased foot traffic in area restaurants.