BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — After methamphetamine residue was found in the air ducts of the Boulder Main Library, the City of Boulder is sharing which parts of the library were contaminated.

On Dec. 19, the main library branch located at 1001 Arapahoe Ave. was closed for environmental testing after methamphetamine residue was found.

Location of meth contamination

According to the City of Boulder, the results from the testing suggest that nearly all the contamination from the methamphetamine was within the public-facing restrooms and on the surface of the ducts.

The testing also suggested that there was a limited amount of surface contamination in a few highly trafficked seating areas in the south portion of the library.

According to the city, meth contamination is not transmitted through the air. The main issue is the residue found on the surfaces because meth can be transmitted from a person’s contact to their skin and clothing.

Next steps for cleaning the library

Because of these results, the city said the restrooms and seating areas will undergo professional cleaning before they will be opened back to the public. The city also said that the seating area will likely be re-purposed with furniture that is thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

The City of Boulder also said the availability of the bathrooms going forward is being taken into consideration as the library is working to ensure no further illegal activity occurs.

The city announced steps it’s taking in order to return the library back to normal operations:

  • Gather bids for remediation work, pursuant to the city’s purchasing policy and requirements
  • Consult with health officials on what must occur to restore access to the building for contractors and essential city staff.
  • Seal off the impacted areas of the library – i.e. the restrooms – and safely remove furniture in heavily trafficked seating areas that tested positive for meth residue
  • Restore access to parts of the library that have not been affected
  • Allow library staff to return as soon as it is safe to do so and begin making holds and reserved materials available to patrons
  • Train newly contracted security personnel to prepare for re-opening to the community and ensure that security protocols are sufficient to prevent a repeat of this situation in the future

The library plans to reopen on Jan. 3 at the earliest.