DENVER (KDVR) — A condominium recently listed on Zillow in Capitol Hill is turning some heads for its property overview.

The condo is located at 985 N. Corona St. in Denver for $252,000. It has one bedroom and one bathroom with 567 square feet.

Problems with the condo

According to the listing, the condo has potential, as well as some issues.

“Due to methamphetamine contamination, it has been tagged by the City and County of Denver. There is an ORDER TO VACATE/ACCESS RESTRICTED/NO TRESPASSING NOTICE placed on the front door by Denver Public Health and Environment,” the listing said.

What will need to be fixed before you can live in this condo? The listing said a licensed and certified industrial hygienist verified by the DDPHE will have to bring the property into compliance.

The property will also need the following, according to the listing:

  • The kitchen will need to be gutted and the appliances will need to be replaced
  • The living room and bathroom will need to be cleaned and re-tested
  • Buyer will need to pay the cost of additional testing and whatever fees are required by City and County of Denver to remove the tag
  • There is a $32,000 lien owed to the HOA that will have to be paid
  • There are broken windows that will need to be repaired

The condo was built in 1963. In 2015, it sold for $160,000. Zillow estimates the property to be worth $244,159.