DENVER (KDVR) — The YMCA of the Rockies just welcomed six adorable new puppies to its dog sledding family. And on Saturday, you can meet these furry friends.

On Aug. 5, Cider, a sled dog from the 2020 litter at Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby, gave birth to six furbabies.

Snow Mountain Ranch followed a tradition when naming the pups. The past three litters were named after themes: Halloween, wildfires of 2020 and rocks and stones. This litter’s theme is stones and gems.

The puppies are named Opal, Onyx, Jasper, Jade, Zircon and Granite.

When the puppies aren’t sleeping, they’re starting to show their individual personalities, said Snow Mountain Ranch.

On Sept. 9, guests at Snow Mountain Ranch can meet the puppies for the first of many weekly “Hanging with the Huskies” events.

If you’re missing them this weekend, dog sledding fall training kicks off on Saturdays in October and November for guests, but these pups won’t be pulling the sled just yet. They’re expected to race in the fall or winter of 2024 as dog sled competitors.

For dog sledding this year, Snow Mountain Ranch hosts adventures on winter weekends starting after the holidays. Make sure you make a reservation, these doggies are a winter activity you can’t miss.