AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — This Mother’s Day, the Medical Center of Aurora is celebrating three generations of women from one family who have all worked in the Family Birth Center at the hospital.

Stacy Helmuth and her daughter, Elizabeth Vant Zet, both work in the unit now. Stacy’s mother, Karen Ambrose, worked there before she passed.

“She was always a labor and delivery nurse. She loved it. She used to tell stories at the dinner table,” Stacy said of her mother.

Those stories planted the seed for Stacy and Elizabeth, and now three generations of mothers have helped other mothers in a meaningful way.

“I love working with women, bringing the new life into the world and supporting them as they leave the hospital,” Elizabeth said.

So, what’s it like working with your daughter?

“I love it!” Stacy said.

The women know their story is unique but say they keep things professional. Elizabeth calls her mom “Stacy” while on the job. “The coworkers that I work with are always weirded out that I call her Stacy, but here at work we are professional,” Elizabeth said.

She’s glad that the mother, daughter and granddaughter have had each other to lean on.

“It’s fun to share in the experience and I’m grateful that they paved the pathway for me to be able to be where I am today,” Elizabeth said.