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DENVER — Mayor Michael Hancock Tuesday released a statement in reaction to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

“The President’s address tonight was simply disappointing. At a time when our country can be and is united behind common sense solutions to immigration reform, finally improving our aging infrastructure and more, this President offered nothing but empty words and self-congratulatory pats on the back for an economic recovery he had no part in.

“Last week, my fellow mayors and I met to discuss the changing needs of our cities. We talked about what we need to do to increase economic opportunities, support all our residents and prioritize the smart infrastructure investments that our country needs to keep us strong and competitive. But that work can’t be done without a Congress and White House willing to make investments and come to the table. We didn’t hear any of that from the President tonight.

“What we heard is that tax cuts for the wealthy will supposedly cure all our economic problems. An infrastructure “plan” without any direction or specifics that leaves state and local governments holding the bag. A call for immigration reform based on fear and that does nothing to address the mess he created for our DREAMers. An energy policy that removes the United States from a leadership role on addressing climate change. And platitudes when it comes to the challenges of the opioid crisis.

“Our country and the American people deserve better than this. And where the President refuses to lead, cities like Denver will step up to do what must be done to keep the United States moving forward.”