FORT COLLINS, Colo. (KDVR) — Icy conditions caused problems early Wednesday morning in Fort Collins, including for a city bus that got stuck on a sidewalk.

Pictures taken by Sarah Kladar from her apartment window show the long, two-compartment MAX bus lodged upon an icy sidewalk. Kladar recorded a video showing a police car trying to help the bus. The police cruiser’s tires were spinning as the car slid sideways.

Ground photos were also taken by Jeremy Tand on his way to work. Tand said his walk to work at Slyce Pizza in downtown Fort Collins was a challenge.

“It was like ice skating without ice skates on,” Tand said.

Over on the Colorado State University campus, classes were canceled at 3 p.m. On its Facebook page, the university said it was concerned about deteriorating weather conditions both on and off campus.

That afternoon, students were spotted leaving their buildings, walking slowly trying to avoid falling. One said getting around Wednesday was tough.

“I was seeing tons of people falling down and stuff like that out of nowhere. My entire car was just like covered in ice from top to bottom, and I just saw people falling down,” CSU student Dorian Berg-Harry said.

Heading into the evening, one of the biggest concerns was a buildup of ice on both sidewalks and roadways.