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CENTENNIAL, Colo. (KDVR) — A road that divides two counties in the Denver metro is now a big dividing line for businesses and COVID-19 public health orders.

On Tuesday, Daniel Ramirez was getting his staff at Los Dos Potrillos restaurant in Centennial ready to comply with the public health orders that go into effect on Wednesday.

The Arapahoe County restaurant will require masks for staff and customers.

“Maybe people are more used to it this time around,” Ramirez said.

That restaurant is located on County Line Road in Arapahoe County, where businesses will have to require masks or prove at least 95% of people inside are fully vaccinated.

But directly across the street is Douglas County, where businesses don’t have the same requirements.

“It certainly adds to more confusion for the guests and can make it more challenging for the employees,” said Sonia Riggs, president and CEO of the Colorado Restaurant Association.

She said her group will help restaurants comply with the orders. She said some operators are concerned because staff will be in a position of enforcement and education.

Riggs expects a lot of the impacted restaurants to require masks instead of vaccinations.

“That’s something that they’ve already done. So, this is just conjecture, but it’s certainly simpler,” Riggs said.

Los Dos Potrillos has an interesting situation. The family-run restaurant has four locations. Two will require masks because of their locations, but two are in Douglas County and will not.

Ramirez doesn’t know what to expect.

“I’m curious to see if we are going to get more clients that decide … instead of going to Centennial they are going to go to Highlands Ranch or maybe vice versa. They might feel more comfortable coming to Centennial now because there is a mask mandate,” he said.