BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office announced it will release details Thursday about what caused the Marshall Fire.

“It’s mixed feelings, because it won’t change what happened, but maybe it’ll bring closure to understand what happened,” said Jessica Carson, whose home burned down in the Marshall Fire on Dec. 30, 2021.

FOX31 and Channel 2 interviewed Carson back in December 2022, when her family moved into their newly built home on the same property where their house burned down just shy of a year before. She and one other neighbor are the only two back in the neighborhood, while several other homes are under construction and other lots are for sale.

“We have a yard and chickens, and we are excited to get some neighbors too,” Carson said.

On Wednesday, Carson learned then that the investigation into what caused the fire had finished.

“It won’t change the fact that we all lost our homes, but maybe it will add some closure for others,” Carson said.

She said she’s read and heard things about how the fire started but is anxious to hear the definite answer Thursday.

“It sounded like a mix of an uncontrolled burn, a windy day and faulty power lines,” Carson said “I think it was just the perfect storm.”

Kim and Mike Parks also lost everything in the fire, and say they’re anxious for Thursday’s announcement.

“It just kills you not to know.” says Mike Parks. “Nothing will change what happened, but the cause of it seems important, because that changes all of the next steps forward.”

Aerials view of people looking at snow-coated homes that were gutted by fire
SkyFOX view of people at locations destroyed by the Marshall Fire (KDVR)

Lawyer represents Marshall Fire victims, seeks class action

Attorney James Avery, with Denver Injury Law, said he’s representing several people who lost their homes in an attempt at a class-action lawsuit. He said he hasn’t been given class-action status yet, so he might be representing several people in a lawsuit against Xcel Energy.

“We have pictures of Xcel power lines down at the point of origin of the fire,” Avery said. “We also have video evidence of power lines touching and sparking.”

Avery said people just want to know the truth. Carson said she awaits the answer.

“If anything, it answers the question that has always been out there,” Carson said. “Whenever someone asks me about the fire, that’s one of the questions, is: What caused it? What happened?”

The information is set to be discussed at 10 a.m. on Thursday.