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DURANGO, Colo. (KDVR) — Investigators testified Tuesday when a search for Dylan Redwine ended in the discovery of bones and belongings and described his suspected father as disinterested in the effort.

From November 2012 to June 2013, investigators, volunteers, and Dylan’s loved ones frantically searched for a sign for the 13-year-old boy. Some relatives were more involved than others, as investigators noted for a second day in a row.

Tuesday, investigators continued to discuss defendant Mark Redwine’s behavior in the days and month’s following his biological son’s disappearance.

Former investigator Kevin Brown told the court he invited Redwine to watch the dive team search for his son, and he didn’t show up. At a visit to his home after that search, Brown noted how he was surprised that Redwine didn’t ask anything about what the team found. He said it didn’t seem like Redwine had any interest.

Dan Patterson, a former investigator with the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, said Dylan’s brother, stepdad and mother were right along the search lines, participating in the quest to find Dylan.

“She [Dylan’s mother] was with a team, I believe on gravel pit, and I radioed communication with her that we had a shoe we wanted her to look at because it might be his,” Patterson said.

Search crews found that sneaker in June 2013 on Middle Mountain. A couple of months earlier, Dylan’s stepdad, Michael Hall, said he spotted Redwine on the mountain when it was locked off and closed to the public.

“I saw Mark Redwine coming down Middle Mountain Road in a while Dodge trailer truck,” Hall said.

Hall told the court that he, Dylan’s brother and mother were called to confirm that scraps of clothing, socks, shoes and some headphones found on Middle Mountain belonged to Dylan.

When asked if the process of identifying Dylan’s items was difficult, Hall said “very.”

Tuesday, investigators also discussed how they found human bones, including a clavicle, a tibia and a “larger bone” in the same Middle Mountain area where Dylan’s belongings were recovered.

“Just left of the clavicle, I found what looked like a tuft of hair,” Sgt. Martin Brenner said.

Investigators mentioned several times how they would go far and wide to track down leads, even those from psychics. Patterson told the court he went to New Mexico after they received a tip about a boy who looked just like Dylan in a store there.

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