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LA PLATA COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Just one month after being sentenced to 48 years in prison for his son Dylan, Mark Redwine has filed a notice of appeal for the murder conviction against him.

Dylan was found dead in a wooded area of La Plata County in 2012. Prosecutors argued that the boy had found compromising pictures of his father and had been confrontational about it.

His remains were found in 2013 and 2015 about 10 miles away from Mark Redwine’s home near Vallecito Reservoir northeast of Durango.

The trial had been delayed several times since it was initially set to begin in 2018. Those delays included an extended delay after Redwine’s lawyer was arrested on domestic violence charges in 2019, along with multiple delays related to COVID-19.

In July, a jury convicted Redwine of child abuse and murder. He was sentenced to a maximum of 48 years in prison by a judge in October.

Redwine is appealing both the conviction and the sentence according to documents obtained by FOX31.