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HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — A high school senior who plans to join the Marines helped subdue one of the shooters at STEM School Highlands Ranch on Tuesday.

The U.S. Marine Corps said Brendan Bialy is a poolee in the Marine Corps Delayed Entry Program.

On Tuesday, an adult male and a juvenile opened fire at the K-12 charter school, killing one student and wounding eight others.

“Brendan’s courage and commitment to swiftly ending this tragic incident at the risk of his own safety is admirable and inspiring,” the Marines said in a statement.

“His decisive actions resulted in the safety and protection of his teachers and fellow classmates.”

Bialy joined the delayed entry program in July out of a recruiting substation in Parker. He is scheduled to go to recruit training in the summer.

In an interview Wednesday, Bialy said he was among three students who helped subdue a shooter, with one of the others being Kendrick Castillo,  who was killed.

Bialy described Castillo as a close friend.

“Kendrick Castillo died a legend,” Bialy said.

Bialy said while he felt “complete and absolute fear,” he acted immediately to try to stop one of the shooters.

“I was just doing what I thought I should do,” he said.

Bialy said while he only saw one shooter, he believes two were in the classroom.

Bialy said he was able to get a handgun away from one of the shooters. He said he refused to become a victim and believes Castillo shared the same attitude.

“Why in the world would I let this coward get what he wants?” he said.