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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) – It’s being called the first of its kind: a marijuana vending machine.

Just like you’d buy a Coke or a bag of chips from a machine, you’ll soon be able to buy marijuana products from a machine at Terrapin Care Station.

It’s the product of a collaboration between a dispensary and a vending machine manufacturer out of Canada, BMC Universal Technologies.

“We kind of worked with them on our know-how of the industry, they worked with us on the know-how of the vending machine: operations and logistics itself,” Peter Marcus, with Terrapin Care Station, said.

You will still need to show your ID or driver’s license to get access to the machine in the store. Once you’re in front of the machine, you’ll keep your ID in hand.

“Put it on a little holder, it’s a slot, scans it,” Marcus said. “That validates the ID to make sure that it’s real. There’s a camera to ensure that that ID is going to match to you.”

A camera matches your face to the ID. Then you can start the transaction.

“You put your selections on the digital screen, what you’re looking for,” Marcus said, “pay for the product, and then it starts vending.”

Products can be kept refrigerated inside the machine, boasted as the future of marijuana sales.

“It’s really the future of cannabis compliance, and that’s because you’re validating the driver’s license with a camera. It’s an added layer of safety,” Marcus said.

The dispensary’s ambition is to eventually manufacture and sell the machine. Marcus said pre-sale orders have already been made.

“We do hope to sell this concept to other dispensary owners. This isn’t just going to be a Terrapin product. The goal is to get this out,” Marcus said.

The Terrapin Care Station location in Aurora is the only one with a machine right now, but the company expects to roll out more throughout the year.