COLORADO SPRINGS — Community members joined Face it TOGETHER for a symbolic walk during sunrise in support of addiction recovery early Saturday morning.

March Into the Light welcomed the public to a one-mile sunrise walk, a 5K fun run and a march at America the Beautiful Park. The event was highlighted during National Recovery Month to show support for those with addiction and honor those whose lives have been lost.

The community event featured guest speakers including Adrian Vasquez, Chief of the Colorado Springs Police Department and CSPD Commander Rafael Chanza. Additional event speakers included local residents who were willing to share testimonials of hope and recovery.

“Like Face It TOGETHER, we believe in harm reduction, peer-based recovery and helping people who need it before law enforcement becomes necessary,” said Vasquez. “An entire community working together gives us the greatest opportunity to positively impact lives.”

March Into the Light was hosted by Face It TOGETHER, a nonprofit addiction wellness organization that provides services to help those struggling with addiction. The organization provides peer coaching in person and over the phone.

“The organization’s staff have created an environment that instills dignity and respect to those who seek help,” said Jim Johnson, Face It TOGETHER’s Board of Directors Chair. “… Peer coaches are highly trained professionals who… use their experiences to help others wanting a life of wellness… I recognize the importance of creating a culture that encourages employees to seek help, free from shame or judgment.”