DENVER (KDVR) — Public restrooms have become a battleground between those living on the streets and many businesses since the beginning of the pandemic, but what if you have a health emergency? The Centers For Disease Control reports three million Americans battle Crohn’s disease.

In an effort to help those living with digestive medical conditions, Colorado passed the restroom access act, called Ally’s Law. The law allows those with medical conditions to present a form signed by a healthcare provider or an identification card to businesses when a restroom is needed.

An “I can’t wait” restroom card can be obtained by the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. The Bladder & Bowel Community offers a mobile app for iOS.

A Lakewood man told FOX31 that the cards are important for those who must cope with a condition that can be difficult to live with.

“It’s an urgent notice saying, ‘Hey, I have a medical condition. I kind of can’t help it if I need to go to the restroom,'” he said.

He said he was asked to leave a gas station bathroom because he took more time than the management thought he needed.

“It kind of degraded me. It was in front of almost a packed store,” he said.

The gas station management said bathrooms are unlocked and free to use by anyone who needs them, however, when there is a line, they will politely ask occupants to limit their time.

Attorney Bryan Kuhn told the Problem Solvers that businesses have the right to ask customers to leave if they are being destructive.

“If people are destroying property or creating a mess or doing inappropriate things, to put it mildly, in the bathroom, that is a reason you can turn people away,” he said. That does not apply to those who are experiencing health problems.