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VAIL, Colo. — If you love dogs, it’s hard to see one without wanting to pet it.

But a look at Daniel LeBlanc’s hand might change your mind.

In October, LeBlanc was in Vail Village visiting from Tennessee. He was making his way up the stairs in the transportation center when he came in contact with two dogs.

“There was a narrow pathway before you get to the next set of stairs,” he said. “We saw two runners, two Asian girls that looked to be in their early 20s walking a white German shepherd and a brown German shepherd.”

He said there’s was no choice but to get close to the dogs.

“I just put my hand down where the white one can smell my hand, and then it jumped on me in a playful way it was not trying to hurt me,” LeBlanc said.

But he said the playfulness quickly ended.

“And then they yelled at the white one for jumping on me. This set the brown one off and the brown one thought they were yelling at me and so the brown one latched onto my hand,” LeBlanc said.

LeBlanc said the dogs teeth punctured his skin to the bone. The pain was shocking, but he said what happened next was  even more shocking.

“I do remember that they walked away almost immediately, as quickly as they could,” LeBlanc said. “They didn’t wait or call for an ambulance.”

The Eagle County Animal Control would like to find the owners of the dog who could face a fine.

LeBlanc said he too wants to find the owners so they can help pay for his $1,500 hospital bill.

The only information they have is the two women left in a white car.