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IDAHO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — The elderly man tased by an Idaho Springs police officer was rushed to the hospital Tuesday after suffering multiple seizures.

Michael Clark’s lawyer told the Problem Solvers the 75-year-old underwent brain surgery Wednesday morning. 

Attorney Sarah Schielke told FOX31 Clark had a brain bleed that she believes is likely related to night of May 30, when Officer Nicholas Hanning shot him with a stun gun.

Hanning has since been fired and faces a charge of assault of an at-risk adult.

Clark gave his first interview to FOX31 on Monday morning, just hours after he filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Idaho Springs and three members of its police department for excessive force.

“Under medication, I’m feeling good but if I wasn’t under medication I would not feel good. When I stand up, I get dizzy,” Clark said from a wheelchair in that interview

Clark suffered heart complications, a stroke and burst appendix following the May 30 incident.

Police officers Hanning and Ellie Summers were investigating a possible assault when they knocked on Clark’s door without announcing they were police officers.

A female neighbor had accused Clark of punching her in the face after he allegedly pounded on her wall to keep quiet.

Clark has since said he’s never met the neighbor in person and certainly didn’t punch her.

“How could that be? I never even wandered out the door. I was behind a locked door,” he said.

Body cam video released by Clark’s attorney showed that police never gave him an opportunity to provide his side of the story before he was tased in the stomach. The electric probes caused him to fall and hit his head on a chair, knocking him unconscious for two minutes and 23 seconds.

“They (police) didn’t even give me the opportunity that you’re innocent before proven guilty,” Clark said.

He spent multiple weeks at St. Anthony’s Hospital after the taser incident, but doctors were not able to remove his appendix because Clark said he was told his heart wasn’t strong enough for the procedure.

He was supposed to be re-examined later this week to see if he was finally strong enough to have his appendix removed.

Clark’s brain surgery Wednesday morning marks the fourth time he has been in an ICU since the night of May 30.

His family said he’s listed in “critically stable” condition at an area hospital.

His son has created a GoFundMe page to help offset Michael Clark’s growing medical bills.