DENVER (KDVR) — It was a wild evening for a young man in Denver whose night out in lower downtown turned into a nightmare caused by a hail of gunfire.

A rain of bullets hit the rental Jeep he was in while he was sleeping. He was one of four people who were injured in the shooting in LoDo. That victim told us he is just thankful to be alive.

Denver police were called to the area of 18th and Blake streets after a hail of gunfire was reported around 1 a.m. Monday.

“Yeah I was in the back working and started hearing some popping outside,” downtown worker Shane Cohen said.

A public parking lot about a block away from the original call police say was part of the scene. Gunfire hit a jeep, where Juanes Francisco was sleeping after a night of partying.

“It was just like a Pop. Pop. Then they were continuous,” Francisco said.

A bullet grazed his shoulder and showed FOX31’s Vicente Arenas a bandage covering the wound.

“At that moment, it traumatized me when it happened. I didn’t know it was real,” Francisco added.

Altogether four people were hurt, but the conditions of the others are unknown.  

Several cars were hit too. A bullet hole could be seen in an apartment building across the street.

“It makes you be on edge cause this is where I live. I should be safe walking down the streets over here but since I”ve been here the last two years It’s gotten worse,” downtown resident Aramis Lugo said.

DPD considers the LoDo area a hot spot because of the amount of crime here. A major security overhaul was expected to begin two months ago.

But now with another shooting in the area, it’s a problem that’s become painfully all too common.

Francisco said he believes the shooting was totally random since he was working here from out of state and knows very few people.

The question remains as to who would want to go on a shooting rampage and why.