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THORNTON, Colo. — A man was sentenced to 55 years in prison for assaulting and later killing a homeless man in Thornton.

Brandon Lee Sugg, 25, was sentenced to 40 years for second-degree murder and 15 years for first-degree assault.

According to the 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, on  May 25, 2017, police found 47-year-old Brian McGreevy’s body lying in a puddle of blood in a cinder-block dumpster behind the Sunrise Village Shopping Center at 9071 Washington St. He had suffered a traumatic brain injury as well as a severed kidney and liver.

Some other homeless people, including Sugg and his girlfriend, had been staying in the area.

The DA’s office said officers found a baseball bat with dried blood on it near 12400 Washington St.

Sugg’s girlfriend told police that Sugg admitted to killing McGreevy with the bat after an argument.

About two weeks earlier, Sugg beat McGreevy with a tricycle, causing a brain hemorrhage and multiple facial fractures. McGreevy was in the hospital for 10 days.

“This beating took place after Sugg became angry over McGreevy spouting ideas about religion. After that attack, police found a bloody child’s tricycle that was broken into multiple pieces in the same cinderblock enclosure where McGreevy was later murdered,” the DA’s office said in a statement.

Following the murder, Sugg fled the state and was arrested in Phoenix in June 2017.

According to the DA’s office, prosecutors asked for the maximum, 60-year sentence.